NetEnt Slots

Gamers looking for online casino slots to play are sure to run into NetEnt software. Since 1996, the company has evolved into one of the most popular casino software developers in the industry. With more than 200 casino games, the outfit reaches consumers on the internet with dynamic and entertaining slot options. From classic casino favourites to modern animated games, NetEnt’s selection keeps wagers returning to online casinos for betting fun. In fact, more than 300 licensed websites use the software to offer slots, live games, and progressive jackpots online to gamblers across the globe.

NetEnt Slots Expansion

Known for fair play, the company’s software passes independent third-party review. It’s immensely popular in Europe and the Nordics. NetEnt is even beginning to make headway into American casino markets, like New Jersey. However, the company steers clear of geographic areas where gambling is prohibited and works with its clients to promote responsible gambling.

This pragmatic approach to casino expansion is sparking NetEnt’s popularity in major casino markets, including entry into land-based casinos. In 2016, some traditional UK casinos began using NetEnt software for consumer betting at fixed-odds terminals.

However, the meat of NetEnt’s expansive gambling software empire is still the online market. More than 4.2 billion people place a wager yearly. At least 17 per cent gamble online. Gambling trends have created a whopping £5.3 billion market for internet-based casinos. Online gambling growth is fuelled by slots, which is the most popular game at most casinos.

NetEnt Slots Development

For this reason, NetEnt developers leave no stone unturned while creating new and imaginative slot games for online casinos. Gamblers have taken notice, allowing NetEnt to compete against casino software giants, like Microgaming. By creating software in-house, NetEnt adheres to strict quality control measures to develop high-quality software. The software affords casinos tracking capabilities, which gives management the ability to offer loyalty bonuses and other rewards to wagers, based upon specific parameters. For users, the software’s simplicity makes playing an enjoyable experience.

Compatibility is also a consideration. As a global force in the online casino business, NetEnt ensures that the software is available in 22 various languages. Whether a player is in Europe, Northern America, or another geographic area, the playing experience is straightforward. In addition, those gamers who wager on the go may easily play on an Android or iPhone. All the company’s software is either HTML5-based or being developed into HTML-5 to ensure enjoyable play whenever and wherever a gamer wants to wager on slots.

NetEnt Slots Bonus Spins

NetEnt offers bonus spins in a few ways. Once registered, a player may receive a welcome bonus, which includes bonus spins. These spins are often attached to promotional rules. A player should read the conditions attached to the bonus spins carefully. Some bonuses may have a wagering requirement, which requires the player deposit and wager a certain amount of money before withdrawing winnings. Maximum payouts are also usually attached to bonus spins, restricting the full amount that a gamer may win from the bonus spins.

NetEnt software also offers loyalty bonuses for players who spend a lot of money or players who are regular casino goers. Keep in mind, every play is computerised, allowing the software to track individual player trends and behaviours. In some cases, loyalty bonuses may equal a percentage of a deposit the player makes at the casino to play more slots.

Some players may receive an opportunity to play with no deposit bonus spins. These bonuses require no monetary deposit for the gambler to play. Often no-deposit bonuses are for a minimal amount of money and may also have a wagering requirement attached to the bonus. However, these bonuses give a gamer the opportunity to learn how to play specific games and allow the wager to obtain a feel for how the slot games work.

With competition between casinos at its highest peak, casino software developers are creating new and inventive ways to attract gamblers. Bonuses are one way to invite a wager to play and keep him returning for more rewards. In partnership with casino clients, NetEnt incorporates bonus spins as a part of the company’s business model, often rewarding players with small bonuses during the end-to-end gaming experience.

NetEnt Slots Games

Slots are a major attraction, including classic, movie-theme, and music-themed slot games. NetEnt has played a large role in the evolution of slot machines. From the slot machine’s inception, the machine traditionally offered three reels of fruit. When a player placed a coin in the machine and pulled the lever, the mechanical systems produced a random result. The player won if the reels spun to include three pictures of the same fruit in a row.

The online slot game is very much the same, except NetEnt uses random number generating technology to give the appearance of randomness and allow the player a fair chance to win. Software is not mechanical, so the random number generator creates unpredictable numbers. The computer algorithm supplies “apparent” randomness, sufficient to mimic the traditional slot machine.

Most gamblers don’t focus on the technology behind the slot machine, though. Thrilling action and 3-dimensional animation are enough to engage players to wager often. Even video slots offer each player an enhanced experience, featuring blockbuster movie themes, like Scarface and Jumanji. Music-themed slots, like Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses, are also big draws. The Guns N’ Roses slot game plays several of the band’s most popular recordings. With five reels and 20 paylines, the game enhances the overall playing experience with additional bonus spins, wilds, prizes, and high payouts.

NetEnt has come a long way since its inception in 1996. The company continues to grow in step with the casino market. An industry leader, the software developer uses cutting-edge technology and immense creativity to entertain gamblers worldwide. With a hand on the pulse of the gambling consumer, the talented professionals at NetEnt blaze new trails in creating unique and easy-to-use software. With exponential growth expected in the online gambling market in the next decade, the company is poised to continue delivering quality software, which entertains the masses.