Netent Free Spins

Casinos have come a long way since the first 3-reel slot machine. Netent brings the most creative slots and casino games imaginable to casino goers all over the world. Online casinos have taken gambling to a higher level, offering ways for casino owners to track every moment of play and reward loyal customers. Initially designed as an incentive to attract new clients in a competitive industry, free spins are evolving. These rewards are now available at every step of the casino process, from the welcome bonus to loyalty rewards. Here’s a look at the history of free spins and how casinos are using them today to enhance a gamer’s casino experience.


In the 1980s, developers engineered electronic slot machines, with the ability to track the amount of money, plays, and jackpots on an individual slot. Even better for the casinos, electronic cards gave the casino the power to monitor each player’s activity. Enormous amounts of data are now evaluated to understand every wager’s gambling habits.

At first, loyalty rewards were in the form of actual gifts, like toasters. The high cost of gift rewards led to casinos offering free spins, which cost no money. Also, free spins add to the gamer’s excitement by giving him more chances to bet and win. After all, players can’t cash out a free spin. In fact, a player is more likely to use the spin, putting its value back into the casino. Free spin bonuses are so successful that casinos distribute the rewards at the initial contact and to entice a player to log in. He may receive an email offering free spins, if he returns to play again.

Welcome Bonus

In 2020, online gambling is expected to reach a $60 billion market value. Huge sums of money are putting competing casinos at odds. Netent free spins entice players to come to its casinos. Several of the company’s games offer a welcome bonus, rewarding bettors who play for the first time. A welcome bonus is usually given to a player after he registers at the casino and makes a deposit. Sometimes, the reward is in the form of a matching bonus, which is equal to the player’s initial deposit.

Keep in mind, welcome bonuses often come with wagering requirements. Casinos require bettors to wager a specific amount of money before withdrawing cash. It helps the casino remain profitable. It’s a good idea to check the terms and conditions associated with a welcome bonus before using the free spins. Wagering requirements and cash out restrictions are different from casino to casino.

No Deposit

Netent has more than 200 games in its collection, including original software with unique rules. No deposit bonuses are the perfect way for new gamblers to learn how to play the games. Free spins that require no deposits make it easy for a player to try out the game before spending his own money to play. Usually, the no deposit bonus has a small monetary value. Some casinos also have conditions attached to these free spins. Players may have a limit placed on the amount they may win, and wagering requirements may apply.

Still, these free spins provide a player with ample opportunity to test out a casino or specific casino games. Netent free spins are an incentive, allowing the player a few moments of enjoyment, and the casino hopes that he will want to continue by making a deposit. Even after making a deposit, the player will likely receive additional free spins while playing slots and other casino games.


Casinos like to reward customers. According to a study by Stanford University, when someone receives a reward, the brain releases Oxycontin, a chemical related to love and socialisation. It’s a high that a player will likely want to feel again. If a player receives a reward, free spin, or a jackpot, he will most likely continue to play. This is one reason casinos give out free spins and bonuses, especially to loyal customers who spend a great deal of money.

High rollers usually spend enough money to reach a threshold set by the casino to classify the bettor as a VIP. Once reaching this wagering level, the customer is treated to free spins and bonuses, which equal a percentage of the player’s deposit. He may also receive additional incentives to entice the player to continue to gamble. Once a player reaches a certain level, he may continue to play. Upon reaching a higher threshold, the gamer will unlock yet another round of free spins and bonuses.

Netent Free Spins: Common Rules

Most free spins, expect no deposit or come with a minimum deposit requirement. These deposits vary, depending on the casino. Netent free spins benefit the house by enticing a player to deposit funds into his account. There are also usually maximum limits placed on free spins. If a player wins a massive jackpot, he likely won’t see the cash from it beyond the set amount pre-determined by the casino. Usage restrictions apply, keeping players limited to select games, usually excluding huge jackpots found in progressive slots.

Free spins are not too good to be true. Often, a player must wager several times the amount of the free spins to cash out any winnings. These wagering requirements ensure the casino’s profitability. A few casinos will give free spins without wagering requirements, but these deals are few and far between.

Netent free spins give players the chance to play and win, without depositing any cash. Bonus spins are also rewarded, after the first deposit, encouraging a player to learn how to play games he’s not used in the past. Casinos award the free spins throughout the end-to-end interaction with the gambler. Free spins serve to encourage play and entice players to return to the casino.

Often, free spins come with restrictions and wagering requirements. Players should read the terms and conditions for free spins carefully to ensure that the reward is worth having. Deposit requirements are designed to ensure the casino’s profitability. Still, Netent free spins are a great way to learn games, enjoy the slots, and have fun.